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Are you wondering where you can play online slots? Have you long been a lover of the old-fashioned one-armed bandits and are looking for a way to bring your enjoyment bang up to date? Visit any one of the thousands of online casinos and you’ll find lots of slots to choose from. Tucked in with the games of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other popular casino games you’re always going to find a great selection of online casino slots.

For both casinos and players slots have become the main staple. They account for a large proportion of casinos income. They are also a great way for players to increase their bankroll, which may be one reason casino slots machines have become so popular. And this popularity has also helped the game to transfer easily from land-based venues to being played online.

We Can Help You Find the Best Slots Casinos

You really aren’t going to have a problem finding a good selection of slots casinos online. The difficulty will come when you need to pick one. There are a number of features you should be considering when making you choice. But one of the most significant is the number and variety of games. When slots were first invented the game was very simple and it really only involved spinning the reels and waiting to see what symbols appeared in the payline.

Things have moved on in a big way and there’s now a wide array of different games to play. Pick the best slots casino and you’ll be able to play 3-reel (classic), 5-reel, 3D video, 1024-Ways, 243-Ways, mobile slots, progressive slots, etc. All of these games are similar but each one has its own particular set of rules, number of paylines, variety of symbols and different themes.

There are a number of other features you need to bear in mind when picking the right casino. Before you make any kind of deposit it’s important to do some research and read up on the best casinos. We can help with this as we have a number of informative reviews as well as various guides, tips and informed advice. When we look at the various online casinos we always check that the site is licensed and regulated, because it’s important for you to stay safe and secure online. Promotions and bonuses are another important feature you should always consider as well as the mobile compatibility of a site.

One final important feature is good customer support. Picking the right slots casino online is important. It’s your money you’re going to be spending so you need to choose wisely.

Different Types of Online Slots You Can Play

Gone are the days when playing slots meant you were restricted to one pay line and the classic three reel slots. The modern online casino slots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We’ve already mentioned most of them so let’s give you some basic details of how to play.

Classic 3-reel Slots

Classic 3 reels slotsClassic slots are more of a tribute to days gone by as they closely resemble the casino slots machines you’d have found in any land-based venue for the past 3 decades. The matrix has three reels, well there’s a surprise, usually one payline and classic symbols like cherries, sevens, melons, bells and BARs, and are much the same as those featured in the early 20th century machines that dispensed chewing gum, rather than cash ..Read More

5-reel Slots

These are the most popular slots games you’ll find at most modern online slots casinos. As you’d expect from the name, such slot machines use a five-reel layout rather than the classic three, and have at least three rows. These numbers mean there can be many more paylines which can vary from 15 to about 50, but a 20-payline game is the most common one. Paylines can be either fixed or adjustable, changing the payout.

243-ways Slots

In this type of game, rather than selecting certain paylines, you place your bet on the spin or all 243 paylines at once because they’re all permanently enabled. So, why 243? It’s pure mathematics – in a 5 reels x 3 rows matrix, each reel has three symbols. Each of those symbols can make a winning combination with a symbol from any of the other reels which comes to a 3x3x3x3x3 that adds up to 243 paylines.

Video Slots

Video sots are among the most popular onesThis is a type of slots that’s perfect for playing online. It uses slick animation graphics and intro sequences that modern gamers have come to expect. These variations are the most common type of slots you’ll find at an online casino. They have multiple paylines, scatter and wild symbols, as well as bonus rounds, gamble features, and free spins. They’re popular for the diversity of themes they offer, varying from cartoonish to realistic TV series and movies ..Read More

3D Slots

Similarly to video slots, 3D slots showcase stunning graphics and animations but in more depth that creates a 3-dimensional feel. Thanks to the enhanced visuals and sounds, they offer an immersive atmosphere which is closer to a real experience rather than a virtual one. These slots come with elaborate story lines and even levels for players to complete that feel more like a video game and have long paytables due to the variety of special symbols ..Read More

Progressive Slots

These particular variations of slots have become a sensation among casino players and are offered by most of the big developers. When you play this type of game a percentage of your bet goes towards a jackpot which is spread across all the online casinos that offer the same game. As you might expect the chances of hitting the winning combination are pretty small but when you do your winnings could potentially run into millions ..Read More

Mobile Slots

You can play slots casino games at your mobile devicePlaying on a mobile device is becoming an increasingly popular way to play all types of casino games, particularly slots. Developers have quickly caught on to the need and are relaunching popular slots and releasing new ones specially designed with the mobile user in mind, like NetEnt’s Touch series which offers games purposefully developed to perform better on smaller screens. Mobile slots are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones, as well as iPads, tablets, and Kindle ..Read More


This type of slot games are exclusively available at casinos powered by Rival Gaming software like A sort of a part-movie, part-game, they have multiple reels and paylines and combine the typical gameplay with a story that pans out as people complete levels. It changes every time the game is played which means playing the same slot over and over again will results in a different outcome every time. i-Slots offer many bonus features and special symbols.

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What are progressive jackpots?

We’ve briefly mentioned progressive slots but as this type of game is so popular a little more explanation is needed and why not give you a few examples of the most popular progressive jackpot games? If you’re looking for a game with the potential to change your life then you might want to consider a progressive jackpot game. Let’s explain how they work. Most slot machines have a jackpot that’s a fixed amount but with a progressive game the jackpot rises as more players bet and play. A small percentage of every bet made ‘feeds’ the jackpot.
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular progressive slots currently available:

Whatever type of slots game you play there will be a number of different bonuses you’ll be able to take advantage of.

Different types of slots bonuses

The most common online casino slots bonuses available for players are:

What’s the deal with free spins?

You can play slots without risking your hard earner money with the free spinsOne of the latest crazes among online slots players is playing games with free spins. But let’s face it everyone likes a freebie, so it’s no wonder they’ve caught on. And casino operators have also realised the potential and are increasingly being used to draw players in. For players they offer the opportunity to try out a particular casino and sometimes have real money payouts that can be used to increase a players bankroll. Sometimes the free spins are given away as a welcome offer but more often they are triggered when a certain number or set of symbols appear. It can also be that the free spins are given away as a bonus prize in a mini game or some other feature.

The most important thing for anyone considering taking advantage of this type of bonus is to carefully read the terms and conditions first. By accepting the offer you are agreeing to fulfil the terms. Which means you need to review them and be certain you can comply. There are a number of casinos that offer free spins and a wide selection of games with the same special features.

Why not try some slots in demo versions?

If you read the terms and conditions and feel there are certain requirements you can’t comply with they you’re obviously not going to want to take advantage of the free spins. If you’re not ready to commit real money yet are there any other options? You can actually play plenty of free casinos games but they tend to be called demo versions. Many of the top online casinos have this feature and you can find out which of the games are demo versions by simply hovering your mouse over the games. It will indicate whether the game can be played for real money or in a demo version. Some free casino games require a download while others can be played direct from a browser.

We like to advise players to try a few games before stepping up and risking real money and demo games provide just such an opportunity. For those who don’t want to play to win more money you get just as much fun and there’s no risk of losing your hard earned cash.

Real money vs demo games – What is the difference?

Playing slots online can be a fun way to spend some time and if you play for real money there’s the added chance of winning some extra cash. This is the most obvious difference between the two and will be the deciding factor as to which games you choose. Demo games are the perfect way to find out more about an online casino before making a financial commitment. And are also a great way to find out more about the games. While many will be content to play free casino games with no download for ever, there are going to be a number of you who want to play real money games. When you’re ready to play real money games you’re going to need to find the right slots casino to play at so let’s move on with some helpful advice.

How to choose the right slots casino

Once you’ve decided what type of slots you want to play and how you want to play them it’s time for the most important decision of all. There are thousands of casinos to choose from so the task is quite a big one. Perform a search online and it’s not always the best that will feature on the front page. So how do you decide which one to choose? There are a number of different criteria you can work with and as we’re such a helpful bunch we’ll let you in on a few of ours.

Slots selection

Being able to play a good selection of games is always going to be a top criteria. If there’s only a small selection you’ll very quickly become bored. If there are other games to play at the same casino this is always going to be a better option. Playing slots every time you visit might sound like heaven for some of you but there are bound to be some that would appreciate something else to play. Casino slot machines can be found at all online casinos so some kind of variety is bound to be a better option.

Software providers

Slots casino games are offered by many software providersThere are a variety of different software developers although there are a handful that seem to have cornered the lion’s share of the market. Obviously choosing a casino that uses software from one of the big guns is going to be a sensible decision. But there are lesser known developers that can also offer plenty for the average slots player. We will be featuring some articles covering the top software developers and the games they’ve become famous for so keep a look out for more detailed information.


Bonuses and promotions tend to be the first thing to catch your eye whatever casino you visit. And we all love getting something for nothing, it seems to be part of human nature. While the bonuses and promotions very rarely come completely free they are still a great way of increasing your bankroll. We make sure we give you all the details when we write our slots casinos online reviews. And we don’t forget to remind you about the terms and conditions, especially the wagering requirements.

Customer care

When it comes to doing anything online, things very rarely run smoothly 100% of the time. Which is why it’s important there is someone who can help when you need it. There are often a million and one questions you want to ask as well so it’s going to be helpful if you can get them answered swiftly and correctly. With slots being available 24/7 it’s going to be preferable if the support you need is there when you need it. So the best possible customer care will be one that’s on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Security and licensing are two of the things we check first of all. There’s no point spending any money or time at an online slots casino that doesn’t have a license or any security measures in place. A casino that has a license, preferably issued by a reputable regulatory body, will ensure there’s no fraud involved and your money is secure too.

Mobile options

If you’re planning to be one of those modern players that plays games using your smartphone or tablet you need to be certain the site you’ve chosen is compatible with your device. Most top rated slots casinos are and there are even those dedicated to mobile slots games.

Live action

There aren’t any live action slots games to play. If you want to feel the atmosphere and excitement of a live casino and play slots you’ll have to take a trip and visit one. Live casino games have become a very popular addition to the online casino industry, so you might want to consider choosing a casino that has live dealer games alongside a wide array of slots. If you can find a slots casino that meets all these criteria then you’re definitely on to a winner. Sign up and try a few games for free to see if the casino is the real deal for you.

How to find the best slots machine games online

When you’ve found yourself a good casino the next big decision is which games to play first. As with the choice of casinos there are plenty of options and there are a number of things you need to consider. Slots have been popular casino games to play for decades and they don’t seem to be losing their appeal. Thousands of players can now enjoy slots online with a much wider choice of games than in previous years. Many elements will come into play when choosing which games to play.

Your first criteria is going to be the size of your bankroll. How big your budget is will effect your choice of game. With a small budget you need to be looking for slots that allow smaller bets to be made. Whereas if your budget is larger you can pick games that require larger wagers. Once you’ve determined your budget you then need to look at the features of the games you might want to play.

Slots machines onlineYou’re bound to be tempted to take the easy route and play games with minimal reels and paylines. Which is fine in the beginning but make sure there are some interesting and more interactive games to play as well. Bonuses are going to add to the entertainment factor so check out what’s available. Some games have a unique bonus structure. While there are others that follow general rules.

When it comes to selecting a theme the slots world is pretty much your oyster. There are thousands to choose from, all with a specific theme in mind. Choose slots with a particular movie theme, fantasy and adventure themes, food themes, disco themes and anything and everything besides. Developers seem to have worked very hard at ensuring all bases are covered and there are slots to suit everyone. User-friendly and seamless software is another important feature. You’ll soon become very frustrated if you can find your way around the games and they’re forever getting stuck.

Interesting storylines and crisp graphics are also important for the enjoyment of the game. Extra features in the games are also something to look out for. Not only do they add entertainment value and excitement they also increase the chance of a win. Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins have become standard features, along with bonus games and multipliers. Games with these extra features mean the payouts will be higher.

Many of you reading this will be looking to play slots purely for the entertainment value. But we think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume there will be more of you looking for a life changing win. So make sure you pay attention to the prizes being offered, especially the progressive jackpots. Do you know what the RTP of a game is? These three initials stand for ‘Return to Player’ and is a figure you’ll find bandied around when it comes to playing casino games.

Operators usually mark it down as a percentage. The RTP for a game is worked out over the lifespan of a game and calculated over several playing sessions by different players. It represents the rate at which you can expect to receive your money back. There are plenty of other features that are equally as important but we haven’t got enough room to cover them all. But you’ll also want to consider gamble features, betting range and settings.

Are you planning to play casino slots using a mobile device?

Thanks to online casinos you can now enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing a wide variety of casino games without having to leave your home. The virtual gaming experience means you can enjoy a spin or two in your pyjamas if you want to. However, the accessibility of casino games has moved on even further and it’s now possible to play all the best games and more using a mobile device. This means you can take the slots experience wherever you go. Stood in a queue, waiting in traffic, travelling on the bus, sat in the park, lounging in the beach, in fact almost anywhere.

Developers have taken this onboard and the majority of new games can be played equally well using the smaller screen. There are even a variety of games that have been designed specifically with the mobile user in mind. Many of the popular slots are fully optimised to be played using Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. We’ll be looking in more detail at some of the best web and mobile apps so you can take advantage of the real and free casino games download. Now that we’ve mentioned downloading games let’s consider whether it’s better to play slots using a download or instant play.

Playing slots using a download or instant play – which is better?

Playing slots onlineIt’s possible to play slots games by downloading from a casino or by using the instant play option. Instant play games are played by typing the address of the website into your browser and playing direct from the casino website. Instant play is also referred to as flash play or no download games. The games can be accessed instantly and there’s no need to download any kind of software. If you don’t like a particular game or casino you just close the browser and then access a different site.

If you don’t like a casino game download you’ll have to go to the trouble of uninstalling the software, which is going to take time. Playing real and free casino games no-download don’t use up valuable space on your computer or mobile device. Which is a benefit if storage space is at a premium. Using instant play will also ensure the rest of your programs will operate faster as there is no load in the memory. There is one disadvantage however. And that’s the fact that using instant play will result in temporary files being stored on your computer, although they are small and relatively insignificant.

Instant play gives you the advantage of being able to play wherever you please. But not everything is favorable towards instant play as downloading casino games also has plenty of advantages. Not so long ago downloadable games were more popular and Microgaming was thought to offer the best. The problem with downloadable casino games, even if they’re free, is that you’ll need a lot of space for storing the files. Some casino games were designed just for downloading while all games are available using instant play. There are far more advantages to using instant play, but the decision is really more of a personal preference.

How can you be certain the games you choose to play are fair?

Playing online casino slots has become a very popular pastime but how can you be certain the games are safe and fair? You can thank a clever piece of computer software known as the RNG or Random Number Generator. Every slots game you play, even the free casino games no-download, have this piece of technology as part of its make-up. The purpose of the RNG is to create random sequences in intervals of a millisecond ever day.

Every time you click to spin the RNGs produce random and different series of numbers. A combination of algorithms and the software determine the outcomes of all the games. It is this combination and nothing else that determines the outcome of every spin, and each spin is independent of all the others. The games you play don’t have any kind of memory and don’t whether you won or lost your previous games. It doesn’t know how long you’ve been playing either. The fate of each spin you make is determined by a series of mathematical equations. In other words the outcome of every game is truly random, and therefore 100% fair.

The cynics among you may now be wondering how you can be certain the RNG is fair. Independent third party organisations perform tests on the RNGs and certify that they are fair. It’s called Technical Systems Testing and there are a number of reputable bodies that do this. ECOGRA and iTechLabs are two of the most reputable organisations, but there are more. When a slots casino has been certified, the details will be provided on the casino’s website.

Who are the biggest slots developers in the industry today?

Microgaming - among the biggest software provider in the casino industryThere are a number of different developers that have and still are influencing the slots market, but there are really only a handful that have the lion’s share of the business. We would always recommend you check the developer that is providing the slots at your casino of choice as this will be a good indicator as to the quality and fairness of the games.

Playtech offers variety of software solutions for the online casinosThe big guns are Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, NextGen, NetEnt and Betsoft. Many consider Microgaming to be at the forefront of the casino software industry as well as being responsible for launching the first every online casino. Closely followed by Playtech and NetEnt. IGT began life as a manufacturer and distributor of land-based video poker and slot machines in the 80s, but has transferred to the online gambling industry very successfully. This was helped by the acquisition of online slots developer WagerWorks.

BetSoft is another respectable slots developer but didn’t really gain much popularity until it released the first 3D slots series in 2008. Pick a casino that is offering games from any one of these developers and you’ll be impressed with the richness and crispness of the graphics, the slick animations, entertaining sound effects and seamless gameplay. And when it comes to the games interface they have been designed to be so user-friendly that even a complete novice will have no problem finding their way around. There are some very well-known myths being bandied around relating to playing online slots. Now’s the time for us to debunk them.

Popular slots myths and misconceptions debunked

There are a number of misconceptions the uninitiated slots player may have, many of which have been believed for quite some time. They are stories that are often believed when a player is or has experienced an unlucky run of games. We’ll look at some of the most common ones and enlighten you as to the truth. Slots blow hot and cold – this is one of the most talked about myths and suggests that when a slot hasn’t given out a win for a while it’s ‘hot’ and due to give out a big win very soon. When it has been dishing out wins left, right and center for a while the slot is considered to be ‘cold’. Those of you who appreciate how the RNGs work will know this is simply not possible.

Top 7 tips for making your slots more enjoyable

We’ve already mentioned there are no fool proof systems that will increase your chances of winning. There are, however, some tips we’d like to share. Take these snippets of advice on board and they might improve your account balance, but will most certainly increase your enjoyment of the whole experience.

Play for enjoyment first and foremost – play because you enjoy it, not because you want to win. You’ll never be in a position to quit your job on the back of your slots playing endeavors. Be prepared to lose because it will happen more times than you win.