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Online video slots is another variant of the game that is very popular nowadays. T’s a more recent innovation that the classic three-reel slots and is a game with no moving parts at all. All the action takes place on a screen and is basically a computer/video game. No wonder it transferred to the world of online casinos so well and has become an essential game on the slots menu of most online casinos.

For both developers and casinos they offer unlimited variety of gaming options which means there are thousands to choose from. There are games to suit all preferences, taste, skills and fanciful needs. You can choose action-packed slots that have tricky features and complicated gameplay.

Or opt for the more classic approach with the traditional game being brought to life online using top quality graphics. You could literally spend hours browsing the choice of games at any of the top slots casino sites. But you can also save yourself some time and effort by reading what we’ve got to say in this video slot review. The modern day video slots online has its roots more than a century ago with the invention of one-armed bandits, or fruit machines are they were popularly known.

After inserting a coin and pulling a lever the reels would spin and you’d wait to see whether a winning combination appeared in the payline. Now all it takes is a few clicks and the game starts. You can play for real money, by downloading an app as well as free online video slots instant play. The latest games allow you to bet from 1 to 243 paylines. Sometimes as many as 1024 paylines along with flexible betting options. The themes that feature as part of the games are truly amazing and the graphics and sound are ground-breaking. The developers of the traditional fruit machine could never have imagined how the game evolved and that it is now part of a multi-million industry.

Expect plenty of extra features at the best video slots casino online

Whether you play free video slots online or risk real money there are a number of features you can expect to find playing the best casino video slots online. The game has come a long way from the traditional three-reel fruit machines of yesteryear with developers continually pushing the boundaries. Nowadays you can expect to find hundreds of playlines, complex features, bonus rounds, top quality video and even 3D graphics. The wealth of extra features can be a little overwhelming so we’ve put together a basic introduction for those of you who are complete beginners. These are the features you’re most likely to find when you play real money and free video slots games.

These come in a variety of forms and can be used to win extra money by playing the feature game. The are generally awarded if certain symbols line up on the reels. The games don’t last very long and once played you return to the main game. Often there are complex video graphics and a certain level of skill may be required to play these bonus games.

These completely change how the game look and work and use icons that fall or cascade, rather than a set of spinning reels. As the icons fall they make room for a new selection.

this is an extra special feature of playing video slots and involves a wild icon that spreads out across a whole reel and turns the entire wheel wild.

This feature provides you with a certain number of free spins to boost your winnings. They can be triggered in a variety of ways. For example, when certain symbols line up.

This feature is reminiscent of the bonus game you could win when playing old fashioned fruit machines. Players are able to gamble any winnings, usually doubling if you win and losing completely if you lose. The most common gamble button requires players to predict the next card’s color, or whether it will be higher or lower than the previous one.

This is a way of adding to the excitement because it provides you with additional spins to try and boost your winnings. Free spins are awarded in the beginning with the added advantage of claiming extra freebies on top.

Scatter symbols break the rule that requires you to have to line up certain symbols. Sometimes called a slot player’s best friend, they can appear anywhere and you’ll be rewarded with a win, or be able to open up a bonus feature such as free spins. Often they are the highest paying symbols and are generally a symbol that links in with the theme of the game.

this is an icon that stays in its place for one or more re-spins of the wheels. This feature gives you an added opportunity to win big.

the opposite of a sticky wild, this symbol can transfer itself from reel to reel, giving you a much bigger chance of picking up one or more winning combinations.

These work much the same as standard reels but when a win is made, any symbols included will vanish and make room for more.

These work much the same way as a joker in a deck of cards. It can be substituted for any other symbol to make a winning line.

this symbol will multiple your winnings by a specified amount. It could be a 2x multiplier, x100 multiplier or as much as a 1000x multiplier. It all depends on the game you’re playing.

The best casinos and developers for video slots

When you’re faced with so many to choose from it can be very frustrating trying to pick the best place to play and the best game to spend your money on. There are several big name developers responsible for creating video games but NetEnt has the best reputation for its graphics. It could take days for you to trawl all the different sites and find one that suits you but you don’t need to do that because we’ll be writing plenty of casino reviews. We’ll also be looking at the different developers in more detail so you can feel more informed and better able to make the right decision.

Video slots are safe to play

Video slots are safeThere are plenty of players who doubt that online casino games are safe to play and seem to be under the illusion that many of them are rigged. This is simply untrue, because the games use a complicated computer program that spits out the number randomly. There are various different types but online slots casino use one that’s called Pseudo Random Number Generators. No external input of numbers is required to produce an output. They work using an algorithm and seed number.

Each new seed number is produced by taking the last number or two produced and then calculating a new one using a mathematical operations. These RNG’s are used for all virtual games. For all slots games including video slots with bonus, each symbol on a reel is assigned a number. It’s virtually impossible to cheat RNGs so you should feel confident that playing the games is safe. Furthermore, all reputable, regulated and licensed casinos have their games tested as well as the software and the RNGs. This is usually done by an independent third party company. Technical Systems Testing (TST) and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) are two examples. You might want also want to look out for a reference to eCOGRA certification for further evidence that the games are safe to play.

If you’re new to playing slots machines and are looking for something really exciting then video slots are the way to go. There are literally hundreds of options and you’ll be able to find one that suits you. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been playing casino games for years. The themes are often linked in with popular films and TV shows, but can also feature fairy tales, fluffy animals, music heroes and much more. Our site is designed to provide you with as much information as is needed, depending on how far you want to take your slots playing experience.

From the very basics right up to reviews of the best casinos, operators and games. With this one stop slots games shop in your library you won’t need to go anywhere else to find what you need. We would remind you to remember that playing slots is a gamble in the truest sense of the word. There is no strategy that can predict the way the reels will fall. Don’t get too hung up with trying to win millions. Spin the reels and have some fun. If you win something extra then all the better. We enjoy playing slots and have done for many years and we know you will too if you follow our advice.

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