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Video Slots for a New Generation – Read our Guide to 3D Online Slots

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Over the years there have been numerous advances for players who enjoy slots. It’s not the most challenging of casino games, so developers have had to continually come up with new and more exciting ways to play this very simple game.

When you first encounter a 3D slots casino game you might think you’re just going to be playing a video slot. But this is a video slot for the new generation of player and is something very different.

Online 3D slots are a relatively new game and you won’t find them everywhere. But the top slots casinos will offer a wide selection. Those that are offered are compatible with many different operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows and feature vivid graphics, amazing sound effects and unique game features. It’s also possible to play 3D slots for free or real money.

3D slots versus traditional slots

3D slots stand out from the traditional type of slots game in a number of ways. Their content is the first obvious difference. Many have story lines along with animated objects, greatly improved visuals and a really slick interface. The second difference is the added number of features and is where they come into their own. Most ordinary slots lack such things as innovative games and features. Thirdly, is the exclusivity you can enjoy when playing 3D slots. And is one of the main features that engages players in such a big way.

Features of 3D slots games online

Play the latest online game of 3D slots and you’ll find a number of features that are the same as the latest video slots. These include free spins, multipliers when you enter a bonus round, expanding wilds, pick and click options, stacked symbols and much more. The 3D slots online are exciting and inspiring and offer players something very different with second screen features, special symbols and animations, interesting bonus games and 3D movie graphics that have captured the attention of the modern online casino audience.

The games controls are not that different from the standard slots games but there are more opportunities for betting and taking advantage of profitable bonus rounds. 3D slots have on the whole, a lower return but this is more than compensated for. The 3D technology provided players with games of the best possible quality that are engaging and have a number of different options for doubling your winnings. There are multiple paylines, gamble or double up buttons, second screens and not forgetting the progressive 3D slots games that of course make them worth playing.

3D slots feature some very engaging story lines

Something that makes slots 3D games stand out from other types of slots is that they generally have some sort of story built into the game. As you play the game you progress through the story as you play accomplishing certain in-game goals along the way. In order to advance to the next level of the story you have to complete these in-game goals. We should warn you at this stage that these particular slots can become very addictive and end up costing a whole heap of cash.

You can also find that the games contain special bonus rounds that trigger free spins. The games are specially designed to encourage you not to give up and take advantage of your psychological needs so you continue to play. The more you play, the more money the casino takes from you. The themes for 3D slots are inspired by the latest TV series, movies, history, mythology, celebrities, fairy tales, popular culture, songs and a whole host of other things.

The most popular 3D slots casinos and games

As you might expect there are variety of places you can play 3D slots games, and we’ll be writing slots casino reviews about many of them. Take a moment or two to peruse our reviews and you’re certain to find one that ticks all your boxes. When it comes to the individual games each of the top slots developers has something to offer those looking to play 3D slots. For example, Playtech has launched a good number of Marvel-themed games, offering fantastic graphics and a brilliant 3D gaming experience.

If you’ve got a favorite Marvel character you’ll soon find yourself a game to play. NetEnt has created a 3D game based on the legendary hero Robin Hood. Help him steal from the rich and give to the poor as you work your way up the levels. Realtime Gaming has created a movie based 3D slots game called Orc v Elf. It’s an easy game to play and you’ll have fun triggering bonus rounds and creating winning combinations.

Are there any downsides to playing 3D slot machines?

playing 3D slot machinesThere’s no denying that £D slots are a great innovation for those who want to play casino games online. They offer some entertaining and exciting ways to play slots and some generous prizes. They take the latest technology advances and combine it with a game that’s already popular, so it’s no wonder the game is wowing audiences everywhere. However, there are a few negatives associated with playing this type of game and it’s only fair that we mention them. 3D doesn’t suit everyone – 3D pictures don’t suit everyone, just like 3D movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

A number of players will have problems with blurry vision and possibly even headaches if they sit playing the games for too long. Highly addictive – 3D slots have been shown to be highly addictive, especially those that revolve around story lines. They’re fun to play and can be challenging but the casino wants you to get hooked so you wager more and more money. Once you’ve determined your budget then stick with it and don’t be tempted to spend more than you can afford.

You may be wondering whether 3D games are safe to play, and the simple answer is yes they are. As with all other types of casino game, apart from the live dealer casino games, a clever piece of software called the Random Number Generator, RNG, is what you can thank for making the games safe and fair. The software uses an algorithm to ensure that every roll of the dice, turn of the card or spin of the reel is random and can’t be predicted in any way.

Tips for improving your slots play

Playing slots online is a little different than playing at a land-based casinos. It’s not a question of slamming buttons as fast as you can. There are many different themes and betting available and a host of different games and casinos to play at. As slots games are truly random and there is no way of predicting where the reels will stop, there is no foolproof strategy you can employ to increase your chances of winning. But you still need to think about what you’re doing and reduce the likelihood of you losing all your money playing slots. Let’s share a few tips to help you enjoy your slots play more.

There’s a lot to be said for 3D slots and for anyone looking to play cutting edge games they are definitely worth a try. The graphics are amazing, if you can stand the 3D effects, and the sound effects and gameplay are outstanding. They are the latest and the best that can be found at any online casino and show just how far the classic slot machine game as come. Video slots were the last big craze to hit the online casinos but 3D has taken over in a bigger and better way. Ad of course they’ll continue to be popular until the next big technological breakthrough is made.

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