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Play All Your Favorite Slots on the Go at the Best Mobile Slots Casinos

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Best Slot Mobile Apps

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There’s a bit of a revolution taking place in the world of online casinos at the moment, because there are an increasing number of players who want to play their favorite games using a mobile device. To become a top ranking casino it’s now vital to be able to provide instant access to games for those who want to play using a mobile device. Those of you with the latest smartphone or tablet can now enjoy the same experience as at a traditional online casino.

With the advantage of optimized graphics and game play. Much the same services are available including welcome bonuses, various promotions, free play, banking options and customer support. Most of the top software developers have jumped on board and are leading the revolution. And we’re going to be able to help you keep abreast of all the latest developments. Games can be played downloading a slots app or by making use of instant play.

How to find the best mobile slots casinos

If you want to find the best slot app for Android you’ll need to find the best casino first. There are plenty to choose from which can make the choice very overwhelming. In the beginning, mobile games were not very reliable and players weren’t able to get adequate bandwidth capability to power the games. With the latest advancements in mobile technology this sort of issue is not a problem. There are a number of different features you need to look for if you want to use the best slot mobile apps. So here are some tips to help you.

Mobile vs desktop – which is the best?

This argument has been going on for quite a while now and not just in relation to casino games. However, we’re not really bothered about Facebook, Twitter or anything else apart from playing slots. The best way for you to find the solution is to look at the differences and then decide what is most important for you personally. There are a number of differences but we’ll start with the look and feel. Quite often you’ll find quite a difference between the two. With the desktop site looking far more exciting because there are lots of sections and plenty of text and eye-popping graphics.

While mobile apps and mobile instant play tend to be more minimalistic. This point brings us nicely on to another difference and this is that mobile casinos are much more focused and far less distracting. If you play at a slots casino using your desktop you have a much bigger choice and far more variety of games. One advantage of using a mobile casino is that you may well be able to take advantage of a phone (SMS) billing feature. However, on the opposite side, desktop casinos tend to have more banking options. Mobile casinos are designed with privacy in mind and you can play all your favorite games and nobody around you needs to know.

One final advantage of playing using your desktop is that you may well be able to enjoy special features. This is because the site designed for viewing using a desktop have better CPU speed, RAM, larger screen size and better internet connectivity. Now you’ve got enough information you’re in a better position to decide. At the end of the day it really comes down to personal preference, what you’re looking for and the devices you’ll be playing with.

Playing at a mobile casino using an iOS device

mobile casino using an iOS deviceA large share of the mobile market is made up of iOS devices. There are plenty of other great systems to use but iPhones and iPads are extremely popular. And the iOS system is very good for mobile gaming because of its multi-touch interface that enables players to directly manipulate the games. Smooth running and regular updates are also an advantage. Game play looks amazing on the iOS platform which means there are a good selection of casinos you can visit using an iPhone or iPad. Almost all the slots casino apps for iOS devices will operate with all versions of the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. To find the best slot app for an iOS device you just need to visit the Apple or iTunes store.

You may also be able to download a slots app iOS directly from a casinos website by clicking on a link. Before doing so you’ll need to make sure the app you’re choosing is compatible and there are a number of things you should take into consideration. Functions and how it looks visually are important. Good programming and optimization are vital to allow you to navigate easily and play using a smaller screen. It’s likely you’re going to want to play with real money so check out the payment options too. If you can find free slots games for iOS devices this is going to be a great way to practice and there are also several free slots apps for iOS devices. Downloading and signing up is generally free which means there’s no risk involved and you can try as many as you want. All it takes is a few clicks in the store or go to your casino of choice and click on the link. Follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be playing in no time at all.

Playing at a mobile casinos using an Android device

Google acquired Android in 2005 and ever since the improvements and developments have meant that the largest section of the mobile and tablet market is made up of Android devices. Android is the leading platform and has twice the number of users. This means that there’s a big demand for slots apps for Android. Many different brands make use of Android technology and this is possibly the reason for its success. There are plenty of slots apps Android to choose from, with some designed specifically with Android in mind. You tend to find free slot games for Android phones on an individual casinos website and also on various review site pages.

And if you want to download these as well as free casino slot apps for Android, you’ll need to open your settings. There you’ll need to make a change so that your device can download third party apps, outside of the Google play store. The best slot app for Android will be one that offers maximum performance. The play should be seamless and the graphics slick and clear. The quality of apps for Android tend to be very good but we’d advise you to download the app and play some of your favorite games before committing any real money. To download these apps costs nothing which means you can usually play for free as well while you take a look around. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best apps for Android in the future so make sure you stick around.

Playing your favorite games using a mobile browser

Playing casino slot games without downloadNo download casinos are becoming a very popular alternative to apps. Also called instant play online casinos you simply access the games by typing a web address into your mobile browser. The site is loaded instantly in your web browser and the best make use of a special language that’s programmed into the site called HTML5. Flash is another piece of technology and both are designed to detect what device you’re using to play the games and adjust the action accordingly. The advantage with playing at an instant play slots casino is that your hard drive space or mobile device memory won’t be clogged up. And you can load up a game or two and then simply close the window when your gaming is done.

Convenience is one of the main reasons to play instant games because they allow you to enjoy a gamble on the move, with any device and on any platform. They are perfect for Mac, Linux and mobile players. If you’re playing to play a lot of games, however, be aware of your data usage. Before playing instant games check your mobile Internet package because you may quickly reach your limit and then your play is going to get very expensive.

What are the best slots to play using a mobile device?

That’s really a million dollar question right there. Because it depends on so many different things including your own preferences. And to be honest there are hundreds of great games, and to even the balance a little, there are also some pretty abysmal ones too. We will of course be giving you lots of examples of some great games to play. But when it comes to giving you the best, that is really your decision. It would be very presumptuous of us to give one particular slot that title. But we can offer you lots of options so you can make up your own mind. We can also share some advice on the things you should be looking for so you can look for some yourself.

Are there bonuses for mobile games?

Online slots casinos love to dish out bonuses to players as it’s a great way to catch their attention and to keep them playing and loyal. And it’s no different if you choose to play using a mobile device. More often than not the bonuses on the main site will also be available if you sign up to play using a smartphone or tablet. It’s almost certain you’ll be able to claim the welcome bonus that’s being offered and it’s highly likely there will be some special bonuses just for you too. Let’s give you some examples of the bonuses you might be offered at the best mobile slots casinos.

No deposit bonuses are a great way to start your mobile slots playing adventure. You’ll be given a certain amount of cash to play with and you’ll get the opportunity to try out some of the games. If you like what you find you’ll be able to upgrade to a real money account and continue to play. Deposit bonuses require a financial commitment before you can claim the bonus which is generally a percentage of your first deposit. It could be 25%, 50% or more often it’s a 100% matching bonus. Reload bonuses are offered when you make deposits in the future and tend to be offered when a player is considered to be a high roller. You may also find the casino you’ve chosen is offering bonuses specifically aimed at mobile players. These could be free spins or a specific amount of money to play with. Remember that any bonuses you find will have terms and conditions attached to them that have to be complied with.

Developers of mobile slots

Without the developers there would be no slots games to play, it’s as simple as that. They are the backbone of the industry and if you’re interested in playing the best mobile slots games or downloading the top slots apps you shoud learn a little about the providers who offer safe and fair games, a good variety of games and products of the highest quality. Some of the developers started out as providers of games for land-based casinos that expanded onto the virtual gaming world. While some offered online gaming products specifically. Let’s give you our top 5:

Making payments at a mobile slots casino

Mobile casino paymentsWhen it comes to making payments the methods accepted tend to be much the same as at a casinos main site. These will generally include major credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and a variety of others. There is one additional payment method available at a mobile casino and that is paying by phone. Paying via a phone bill is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the increased interest in playing using mobile devices. Boku is one particular service that allows mobile casino players to pay by phone bill, and is one of the better known providers of this type of service.

The process of making payments is very simple, and only takes a couple of minutes for the payment to be processed. Convenience is the most obvious reason for choosing to pay in this way. But security is another. No personal banking information is shared with the casino if payments are made this way, which is an obvious advantage. A confirmation SMS message is sent to players that has to be confirmed before a deposit can be made.

Now you’ve got all the important information you need to decide whether mobile slots are for you. There’s no denying the convenience of playing using a mobile device and it can be just as much fun and as exciting as playing using your desktop. Being able to play a quick game or two whenever and wherever you want to is an other great reason to play this way.